“What I Wish I’d Known.” Real Women Share Advice For Women Going Through Divorce.

Advice for women going through divorce. What real women wish they’d known before their own divorce.

divorce advice for women

Experts can tell you all day what you should do during your divorce. What you should expect, how to react, but no one is more of an expert on divorce than a woman who’s been through it. A woman who’d made it through the other side and lived to tell about it.

Who better to let you know some of the challenges you’ll face than another woman who’s been there first?

I wanted to tap into the wisdom that so many women have for others. So, I asked women on the Round and Round Rosie Facebook page to share their own hard won wisdom. I asked what they wish they’d known about divorce before their own divorce began. What they wished they’d been more prepared for.

Here, in their own words, are the truths about divorce and the wisdom they had known from women who’ve been in your shoes.

advice for women going through divorce

advice for women going through divorce

advice for women going through divorce

advice for women going through divorce

Advice for Women Going Through Divorce, Real Women Share What They Wish They'd Known.

advice for women going through divorce. women share what they wish they'd known.

divorce advice, advice for women going through divorce
advice for women going through divorce

 divorce advice for women

divorce advice for women

divorce advice for a woman

divorce advice 15

Their advice varies greatly. Each woman found the best path for her own situation.

Like these women I found my own way through my divorce. After going through my own divorce for over six years, I learned a lot. In case you need more help getting through divorce. Here are six things I wish I’d known before filing, and habits that will help make you happier while going through your divorce, and a list of many legal terms you’ll need to know when you go to court or review paperwork from your attorney.

I so appreciate these strong role models for sharing their own experience going through divorce. These fierce survivors are a daily inspiration. I hope that you can take their wisdom to heart in your own divorce process.

What have you learned in your own divorce that you wish you’d known beforehand?


    • says

      You certainly understand that suddenly alone and single feeling all too well Rebecca! I can’t imagine how challenging your journey has been.

    • LISA says

      It will be two years February 15 2017 that my husband left me for another woman after 24 yrs of marriage. I am being forced out of the home he bought for us and hasn’t paid in a year. Still going through legal issues.
      It’s so hard I cry almost every day. These post help I just hope one day I will find true love again and be happy.

      • says

        Stay strong, it sounds like you are in a very difficult place right now but know that it WILL get better, you will persevere and you WILL find love again. You will rebuild your life again and make it happen. Crying is a part of the healing process. I cried so much that I took to always having dark sunglasses with me so that I could hide the tears. Hugs to you my friend, you can do it!

    • Heidi says

      Agree Rebecca. It’s been 7 years and when people assume because of my age I’m divorced and then I say no I’m a widow, they don’t know how to talk to me anymore. It took a bit but, I love being single now and being an independent strong woman.

  1. says

    Going through a divorce is tough on everyone, and I hope I don’t experience it as an adult. It is lovely to read different comments to know that it is different for everyone and people cope in different ways. Lovely for people to be able to try and relate.

    • says

      Carol, yes the kids being in the middle of the craziness is one of the hardest parts. They didn’t want it or ask for it but they take the burden of the stress.

  2. says

    Divorce is one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through in my life. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was how our mutual friends picked ‘sides.’ It is like adjusting to a death, even if you know it is for the best. There is the death of a dream and it takes a long time to recover. Good luck, Rosie. It does get better but is never easy.
    Molly STevens recently posted…How to make sensational meals and save moneyMy Profile

    • says

      Molly I so appreciate you reaching out. It is much more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. Losing friends who must choose sides is heartbreaking. I appreciate your comments. We get so much more resilient and strong through all of this!

  3. Trudie says

    I stayed with friends those first few days after I left. They were not my closest friends which made it so much easier as we didn’t discuss my situation much. Would not have survived on my own.

  4. GRR says

    I left after 16 years of marriage; took nothing and had nothing except my car and $100.
    Was the most stark and brutul time of my life, where no words or actions could heal me. Only time and rediscovering myself in my way has worked. Everyone has opinions, no one has your answer except you.

    • B says

      How did you do it with 100?
      I need to but literally have nothing, nowhere and nobody.
      Would love to hear how you did it.

  5. says

    I was married 21 yrs. I was devastated when I learned that my husband was having an affair, which ended our marriage. I left and took nothing but a weeks worth of clothing. He remarried right away to someone around our sons age & raising another child. He got tattoos, a motorcycle and gain about 80lbs. He still an angry person toward me even though he ended the marriage. The stronger and happier I become, he hates it. I stayed single for 7 years. The hardest part was dealing with loneliness. Finding myself was difficult after have given so much of myself to my ex and raising children. It’s been 8 yrs now, I’m stronger and found some of my passions again. My children are married now and are still affected by the divorce though and that is sad. Their father doesn’t have much of a relationship with them or our grandchildren. If I would have known about and joined Alanon group I would have made quicker gains in healing myself. Some people think Alanon is for people who lived with or known an alcoholic or had an addiction. That’s not so…..Alanon is a group that helps a person to become individually strong and to know peace. Alanon helped me… to know I’m ok with who I am.

    • says

      Bravo to you for finding yourself again. How strange that your ex still has such anger towards you, it sounds like he isn’t really happy in this new life that he created for himself and is probably jealous that you’ve found happiness. I’m so glad that you shared the resource of Alanon, I’ve known others who have joined the program due to an unstable childhood and have found a lot of peace and tools to deal with life in a more proactive way. The loneliness can be tough, I too found it hard to handle, but I slowly realized that I could learn to live alone and not be lonely by reconnecting with things I liked to do and reestablishing friendships. I know that your comments and story will help other women as they see that you’ve rebuild your life.

  6. Tracey says

    It’s been 4 years divorced and 6 seperated..single mom two boys left for coworker. He hardly sees boys..we were together 16 years. He had a baby with the other woman and remarried. He’s not all the money and free time and secure future. I’m 24/7 putting boys first..they are my life. I still cry and feels like yesterday he left. I don’t know how you get over the heartbreak and loss of so much for your children. I still live my life and get by ..I wish I knew how others get over it.

  7. says

    I want to know what to do when your husband of 30 years won’t talk to you. He will talk about other things, he’s even kind and helpful. We have been separated for 6 years. I told him I didnt want separation or divorce, if he wants one he’s going to have to take the initiative and go talk to a lawyer to get this over with. I can’t move on, and I won’t break my vows. I feel like he’s the one that started this, and he can be the one to end it. All I want is to discuss where and when things started falling apart for him. I want to learn from this situation, but it’s really difficult when you are the only one that cares.

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