Online dating tips. 7 ways to create your best online dating profile photos.

We talked about writing a great online dating profile. Now let’s talk about the really important part, selecting the photos for your online dating profile.

online dating tips

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Here are 7 need to know online dating tips before you post those online dating profile pics.

1. Have a photo.

When you don’t have a photo it defaults to this silhouette on


Does this show who you really are? I don’t think so.

Wait until you have good photos you like before you even create your profile. There’s no use in having a profile without pictures.

I mean, don’t you want to know what someone looks like before you meet them? Well, men do too. I’ve seen online dating profiles that say “email me and I’ll send you pics.” No way. That seem fishy.

No profile picture says: “I kinda look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.” Or I’m married. Or in prison. Or hiding underneath a stairway somewhere.

Gollum Lord of the Rings

No profile pic? You must look like this little guy.


2. No Poor Quality Photos.  

What’s the cliche? You never get a second chance to make a first impression?

Your online dating profile picture is your first impression. Too dark or too grainy says I don’t want you to really see me! Why even bother including a photo if it doesn’t  show you off well? Especially if you have a dark skin tone, please be careful and make sure that the photo is well lit.

Have a friend take some photos of you until you get some great ones. Or better yet, slip your ten year old niece $5 to snap some for you. Kids are usually better at using their cell phones than we are anyway.

Go outside and use natural lighting. Shoot in early morning or late evening to avoid harsh, overpowering midday sun.


Who is this man? He might be totally awesome but we can’t even see him!


3. Hoochie Mama will get you attention but is it the kind you want?

You know, cleavage dripping out. The twins featured up front in every single pic. If you want to get hook-ups then that’s what you’ll get. If you want a serious relationship, post a pic where you look great, energetic, gorgeous and sexy, but don’t make your sexy body the focus of every single pic.  You’ll only get guys interested in that.

You can show off your best assets but in a more natural way. And please no photos of yourself in tiny clothing, taken in front of your bathroom mirror. This is mainly a guy thing but either way is a huge turn-off.


4. Limit selfies:

Selfies scream self involved or super insecure. I saw one online profile where the woman had only close up selfies of herself vamping for the camera. My gut says high maintenance. And if I think that, as a woman, what do men who are looking for dates actually think? So if you are so in love with selfies, limit it to one.



5. No photos older than two years.

No old pics! Really and truly! When you meet someone for the first time and they realize you’re about 1o years older than the photo you posted? Not good.

Why not have them excited by how much you look just like your awesome eharmony pic. Disappointment is not a good way to start off a relationship.


You were adorable in high school but your online dating profile doesn’t need to show that.

6. Have someone you trust select your photos.

It’s really tough to choose photos of yourself. Most of us are so hypercritical of ourselves that we can’t really see us how other’s do. Choose photos that look like you, not like a more glamorous or overly done up you, but you on your very best day.


7. Don’t be afraid to try different photos.  

Just like your profile, don’t expect to write it once and leave it. Change photos and try new ones. Also, change which photo you select as your main profile picture. You don’t have to try all new photos. Switch it up. You never really know what is going to resonate with people.

Here’s some great tips from on Cringe Worthy Photo Mistakes.

And eharmony’s blog has a great post on the 4 photos you need in your online dating profile.

To say that your dating profile pics are important is an understatement. Your profile photo tells the world who you are, where you’ve been, what your life is like, and what’s important to you. It should make someone want to know more about you.

And no one will stop to get to know how amazing you are if your profile photos aren’t decent.  So choose carefully. Most people are going to be looking at your tiny photos on their phones or ipads so your photo must be clear, easy to see and be good enough to make them go to the trouble to actually click on your profile and read more about you.

Or even send you a wink. Yes!

Take the time to plan out which photos to include in your online dating profile, shoot what photos you don’t have, and edit any photos by lightening, darkening or cropping so that they are more attractive and show you off in the best light possible.

Whatever you do, don’t just throw some random photos up that you just happen to have right now on your phone and expect them to work.

What photo rules have you learned in your online dating profile? Is there one pic that gets lots more attention in your online dating profile that any other. Do tell!



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