Legal Divorce Terms You Need to Know. A Handy Guide.

Legal Divorce Terms You’ll Need To Know During Your Divorce.

Here’s an easy to understand glossary of terms you’ll find in your divorce filings.

An easy to understand guide to legal terms you'll need to know in divorce |

Do you speak legalese? No, neither do I. Divorce paperwork is incredibly confusing. Once you file for divorce, you will be bombarded by legal terms, words and phrases from your attorney and in your divorce paperwork. If you’re like me, you’ll probably have no idea what they mean.

I’d been confused so many times by these foreign legal terms that I did some searching and found this easy to understand glossary of many of the legal terms you’ll come across in  your divorce paperwork.

I’ve printed this out and kept it nearby when I was on the phone with my attorney or while reviewing the latest round of paperwork

This glossary is from the American Bar Association. Here’s the link to the American Bar Association’s website. This list has definitions of most commonly used legal divorce terms you’ll come across in court paperwork.

Here’s the divorce terms cheat sheet:


Hope this list of legal divorce terms comes in handy. I find myself referring to it often as I wade through divorce paperwork.

Glossary of legal divorce terms

Glossary of legal divorce terms page 2

Glossary of legal divorce terms page 3Here’s the Divorce Term Glossary on the American Bar Association’s website. They also have other resources and information on their website. Their site is a reputable place to get more information on your divorce proceedings.

legal divorce terms and words used in divorce paperwork a glossary

I hope that this cheat sheet helps you. Good luck in your divorce! Stay strong.



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