7 Habits to totally make you happier during your divorce.

7 Habits to totally make you happier during your divorce.

7 habits to make you happier during divorce


Finding a way to be happy in the middle of a divorce isn’t easy. It’s something that you have to consciously work for. Here are some habits that have really helped me be an overall happier person during my divorce. Try one or two and see if they help ease some of your divorce stress and help you find a sunnier outlook.

1. Find other people who are going through a divorce.

Find a friend who’s in the middle of divorce too. Find a community online. You will feel much less like a freak when you hear someone else’s tales of woe. And you’ll have someone to text or contact for support to ask “is this normal” when no one else can relate to your divorce drama.

2. Don’t stalk your ex on social media.

It’s 2 am and you can’t sleep. It’s easy to try to figure out where he’s been by his Facebook page, but that’s not doing anything but feeding your irrational belief that his life is working out so much better than yours. Which makes you feel like a complete lonely loser. Put your ipad away and go to sleep! Or develop an unhealthy binge watching habit (Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Homeland. Whatever late night online habit you develop, it won’t be as detrimental to your well being as Facebook stalking your ex late at night.)

3. Have a story ready.

Have a short to the point explanation already worked out for why you are divorcing. People will ask you “but why are you divorcing, you seemed so happy!” Decide beforehand what you are going to say so you won’t just burst into tears and carry on. At a PTA meeting not long after we separated, another parent asked me why we were divorcing. Twenty minutes later as I was sputtering with mascara running down my face, I could not stop myself. I learned. Have a tidy answer already planned out. “We have come to a mutual decision to divorce. Our marriage wasn’t working. We think it’s best for both of us.” If this person wants to know more, they can buy you lunch to get the rest of the story.

4. Have another story ready for your kids.

Your kids will ask you so many times, in so many ways. Have a different, age appropriate answer ready for them. If it’s possible, collaborate with your ex to make sure you are both telling the kids the same story.

5. Keep a journal.

Write stuff down. I bought those cheap school composition notebooks and scrawled every crazy (and sometimes surprisingly intelligent) thought that I had. Keep them! When you are feeling discouraged, read some of your past entries. Wow. You’ll be amazed to see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learned and how truly, incredibly strong you are! (I recently read some entries from last year, and what I was going through then. It was good evidence of how far I’ve come.)

6. Have at least one of these items in your kitchen at all times. 

1) Sugar

2) Chocolate

3) Microwave Popcorn

4) Liquor

(This tip is pretty self explanatory.)

7. Do something kinda crazy (for you).

If everyone says that “Maria hates to dance.” Prove them wrong. Do something completely out of character. Dance. Speak up. Learn what it feels like to rewrite that narrow definition of who you are. Because who you are is changing. You can be anyone you want this time.

What habits have helped you be happier during your divorce? Any totally random and kooky ideas that we can try!?


  1. says

    Going through divorce after twenty three years with a Narcissist husband….having a hard time going through this, was pretty much thrown out of my own home…I miss everything and everyone my son and grandson was with us we had to move separately to different places…it’s so difficult and lonely….

    • Kira says

      Hi Maggie, I hope you’re doing better now. I know this will never completely go away, but we have to take one day at the time. I have to move out of “his” place too. As if the divorce alone wasn’t enough. All my family is really far away and I have very few close friends, so I feel extremely lonely too… Sending you hugs.

  2. Nancy says

    I learned to go have pedicure and manicure and sometimes Facials. In my first birthday I traveled ALONE and had a blast. I went shopping and went sightseeing to many places by myself. I enjoyed spoiling myself. I lenjoyed taking care of myself after 12 years of taking care of others. I am much happier thank goodness. I learned to be more grateful for everything I had in my life. Gratitude is something I practiced daily in addition to prayers.

    • says

      Good for you! It sounds like you have figured out how to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority. I agree gratitude for all we’ve got can be powerful. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  3. says

    I’m going through a divorce for the second time with the same woman. It is getting easier but, still have my moments of worry, heart beats out of control scared ect.never contested a divorce before. 34 years together

  4. Dennis says

    I spent a year studying the Bible in order to prove that my es wife and I were bound by God and that she had not biblical cause to divorce me.. Instead, I came to the conclusion that we were never bound as she has a living ex husband. We were in remarriage adultery and my ex wife ended that by divorcing me. I hope anyone who reads this will research adulterous remarriage and learn that we each get one true marriage, unless our spouse dies. I was in a fake marriage for twenty years and caused a great deal of harm to my ex wife’s children by her first husband, to our children, and to her and myself. We broke God’s law and hurt so many people. Sadly, but in keeping with her selfishness, my ex wife is still hoping to find a third “husband” and has the audacity to believe that God will send one to her. Some people learn from their sins, others hold onto them even tighter. Sad for our kids.

  5. Colleen says

    I did a photo shoot where the photographer asked me to describe myself with 4 words. I chose “strong, loyal, spirited, & compassionate”. Then she painted them on me. It was an amazing experience! Very empowering!

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