Here are a few of my favorite videos, broken down by category.

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Style & Fashion



4 key pieces to update your wardrobe this fall from nic + zoe over 40 fashion

4 Stylish Looks to Update Your Wardrobe this Fall. 


Kids & Parenting

How to Tell if You're Old or just a mom who can't remember anything funny video

Are you too old? Or just a Mom who can’t remember what is going on? Here are some signs for you. 



My boozy champagne cocktail recipe Absolutely Fabulous the movie

My boozy cocktail recipe. Why? Because I’m a mom in a robe, that’s why.



How you think you'll feel after your divorce. What you think vs. the reality of how you'll feel.

How You’ll Feel After Your Divorce. How you think you’ll feel vs. the Reality.


The fun of moving out of your house after divorce.

Moving Out After Your Divorce? The Big Time Fun of Moving and Packing After Divorce.  

What I think Divorce is really all about.

Divorce Is….What I think Divorce Is Really All About.