4 tips I learned at BlogHer16 that will make you a better blogger.

4 essential blogging tips I learned at BlogHer16 that will make you a better, happier and more successful blogger.

If you aren’t a blogger, bear with me. I don’t write about blogging very often, but I learned SO freakin’ much about blogging-and life-at the recent BlogHer 2016 conference, that I just have to share the tips I learned at Blogher16. Here’s some of the essential wisdom about the business of creativity and blogging.

A quick explainer, BlogHer is the premiere female blogging conference that happens every year in the U.S. There were blogging and social media superstars dispensing some heavy duty wisdom in the seminars and keynotes at the conference here in LA. (I’ve got pages and pages of notes I’m still poring over and finding even more tips to put to work on my blog and social media platforms. I might have to share even more of these tips later!)

(I was so jazzed to be chosen as one of the 2016 Voices of the Year. A blogging dream come true. Here’s the video the BlogHer folks chose. It’s 23 seconds, about crazy things you do as a forgetful over 40 mom and it made lots of women laugh too!)

But since I can’t share everything, or this would be the longest blog post EVER, I’ve picked just a few of the top tips that I think every blogger needs to know and start putting to use right away.

1. It’s a community, not a competition.

Yes, we’ve all heard this. And we’ve heard it before because it’s true. Blogging is a community, which means when one individual does well, we all do a little bit better. Or as one speaker put it: a rising tide raises all boats.

Give tips to a new blogger. What increased your readership? How do you schedule your posts? Share what’s you’ve learned so far with your fellow bloggers. Don’t be stingy. There’s enough readers/fans/viewers to go around.

Lay down some good karma. Pay it forward.

Doin' the blogger thang at Blogher16 with bloggy superstar Jill from Ripped Jeans and Bifocals.

Doin’ the blogger thang at Blogher16 with bloggy superstar Jill from Ripped Jeans and Bifocals.

In blogging, and in life, helping others helps you too. And frankly no one likes a self serving diva/queen anyway.

2. Everyone’s Thought About Quitting.

I was talking to a blogger who’s got like a gagillion more followers than I have, and she spoke about being discouraged. Huge realization for me. If you are a blogger you’ve probably considered quitting when the hours, time and heart your pour into your blog is just not showing up in the numbers, interaction or income you were hoping for.

I’ve told myself I was quitting too many times to count. It was a shock to hear that someone I admired, someone who seemed to have her sh*t together, got down too. Breaking news: everyone feels that way. So feel like crap, own it, wallow and then write another blog post.

Getting discouraged from time to time is a natural part of blogging.

3. You might not be ready, but try it anyway.

One of the themes I heard throughout the conference from successful youtubers and bloggers?

You might not feel ready, but do it anyway.

If you wait to feel “ready”, you’ll never hit publish on that blog post or film your video and share it on youtube. You will never feel ready because you become ready by doing. Not by thinking about doing something, or obsessing about why you’re not ready. 

Your first blog post probably won’t be your best. That’s fine. Your videos might be less than compelling in the beginning. You might even cringe later on when you watch your first attempts. You’re going to get better, but only if you actually make/create/write/edit the damned thing and release it into the world.

(Here’s another post I wrote about another super bad habit that’s totally killing your blog.)

4 blogging tips I learned at blogher16 that will make you a better blogger.

4. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

Blogging is a collaborative medium. Sharing. Working together. Teaming up.

If you think that you are going to succeed without finding a blogging community and collaborating your cute little patootie off you are sorely mistaken.

Write about vegan recipes, parenting, being over 40? There are Facebook groups, Link Parties, Twitter chats, group Pinterest boards for all of them.

Cohost a weekly blog post. Find a Facebook group. Tweet. Pin. Engage your ass off. Meet other bloggers online and form friendships. You’ll learn about blogging and you’ll meet some pretty amazing, bad ass women in the process.

These tips changed the way I view my own blog and my own blogging tribe of over 40 women. I’m going back to my blog with a renewed vision and some major excitement after the conference. 

If you went to BlogHer, I’d love to hear the tips that resonated with you.

And since we are talking about collaboration, are we friends on our social channels?

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    Didn’t attend the conference but glad to read this. I certainly agree on collaborate. It can feel a bit lonely, but the sharing and commenting does build relationships and community. I miss bloggers who have “dropped off” for various reasons. I might also add to blog from the heart. Sometimes the sponsored content can take over, and while I understand the financial incentive, it is important to maintain who we are as well.
    Seana turner recently posted…Five Tips for Starting Strong In a New SchoolMy Profile

  2. says

    I’ve attended three BlogHers and spoke at the most recent one in NYC, and I’m a 3 x VOTY. Congrats on having your video selected. It’s very funny and definitely speaks to me. Love Jill Robbins, too. Adorable pic of the two of you.

    • says

      Thank you Estelle! Wish we’d been able to meet at the NY BlogHer. Jill is awesome, we are both China adoption moms. So glad you enjoyed the video!

  3. says

    Hi Rosie! I didn’t attend Blogher either but after five years of blogging I agree with every one of your tips. I particularly like “Lay down some good karma. Pay it forward.” I have met some really great bloggers and others online and it not only feels good to help others whenever you can, most everyone else is happy to help you back when they can. And although I’ve had a few moments of discouragement, in the end I’ve gotten so much more by blogging that I just don’t see myself stopping any time in the future. Good luck to you and your blog for many, many years to come! ~Kathy
    Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com recently posted…10 Ways To Stay Sane, Healthy And SMART During The Next 4 Months of PoliticsMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you Kathy for your comments. I agree that overall, bloggers are sharing and supportive of one another. To me, that’s what makes this community worthwhile and why I treasure being a part of it!

  4. says

    What great take-aways. Yes, engage your ass off! I have found that my best success comes from working with other bloggers and lifting each other up. It helps that that strategy includes some of my all time favorite people!

    So glad that BlogHer was fruitful for you!!!

  5. says

    I wish they had BlogHer in Australia Rosie!!! thank you so much for your review and also making me feel better about blogging. Lately, I’ve questioned why I am doing it and have been discouraged for the reasons you have mentioned. It is comforting to know that even the more experienced and successful bloggers have the same feelings and fears. I do believe that building a community where you can run ideas passed each other or just support is important. It is also difficult sometimes not to make it a competition but really working together is so much nicer and life is easier. I co host a link up each week with 5 other ladies. I’ve been blogging for almost 18 months now and I still find it a roller coaster, however your post has made me feel much ‘calmer’ about it all. Thank you and have a beautiful day!
    sue recently posted…3 days, 3 quotes Challenge – FriendshipMy Profile

    • says

      Sue, it is comforting to know that those with super big blogs even think about quitting from time to time. We can support each other and help one another by being supportive. We all have unique voices that we need to share. It is a roller coaster though, whew!

  6. says

    Fabulous recap! I think your No. 1 observation regarding it being community not competition is THE THING to keep in mind, especially when considering quitting because you feel less successful than others.

    Nice to read all the recaps of BlogHer16. I haven’t been since BlogHer13 (attend BlogHer11, too) and like to hear about all the fun and lessons learned.
    Lisa Carpenter recently posted…Breaking newsMy Profile

  7. says

    So I guess your pretty famous huh? Giggle, I have made friends, own a few groups and yes, the blogging friends and allies come and go. I agree about the engaging and definitely something many need to do more of. None of us are so special that we shouldn’t help someone out and learn something more. Congrats on your success
    heidi williams recently posted…Saving Money Tips: A Guide To CouponingMy Profile

  8. says

    I LOVED your video!! I was laughing and saying, yup! That’s me all the time while viewing it!!
    I totally agree with your advice! That’s the truth about the blogging world! The only thing I haven’t been able to implement is the collaborating! I really hope I can do that now that I went to the conference and met some people!


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