This Mom Couldn’t Decide What Last Name to Use After Divorce. So She Took a Vote.

What last name do you use after divorce? It’s a confusing emotional decision for lots of women as they transition to their newly unmarried life.
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The choices of what name to use after divorce are often complicated.

If you took your husband’s last name do you keep your married name?

Do you return to your “maiden” name?

And if you have children, the decision of what last name you should use just got a lot more difficult.

Many women struggle with this decision. One mom came up with a creative solution. She took a poll.

Jamie Lynn, a divorced mom in North Carolina came up with a creative solution to the last name dilemma. She asked her friends to vote on what last name she should use.

Jamie’s decision was, like many, complicated. Jamie had a son from her first marriage, but her son was now eighteen, and having the same last name didn’t seem as important to him now.

Jaime was married a second time but had no children from this marriage. So Jaime got inventive. She took a poll on her Facebook page and asked this question: “What last name should I use after my divorce? My maiden name, my son’s last name, or my current last name from my second marriage?”

Jaime was shocked with the response from her online poll.

No one wanted her to keep her current last name (from her second marriage). Not a single person.

Only fourteen people wanted her to go back to using her maiden name.

And the winner? Over 102 people voted for Jaime to use her son’s last name. The last name of her first husband.

Why did everyone want her to go back to this last name? “My friend’s say that last name is how they’ll always think of me.”

And the biggest shocker? Not even her mother wanted her to go back to her maiden name.

“She said that I don’t fit the mold of my maiden name anymore. That I’ve grown into the person I am today with my new (old) last name!”


Let me hear what you think. Would you let your friends decide on what last name you use after divorce? 



  1. Rachel says

    I think it’s a great idea. I have no clue what to use. My kids are still young. But I don’t feel comfortable with my ex husbands last name.

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