The reasons why I blog about divorce.

In case you were wondering, here are the reasons why I blog about divorce.
The reasons why I blog about divorce.

I’ve been writing this blog about divorce for over six months now. I thought it would be a good time to backup and explain why I’m writing this divorce blog anyway.

Why do I share these tales of divorce?

It all started in my tiny guest bedroom.

I was curled up in a twin bed. Alone. Anxious.

After we filed divorce papers and became legally separated, this became my room. I rarely slept. Instead, I trolled the internet looking for answers, for support, for anything that might comfort me.

I found lots of divorce websites out there. Tons of them. But not many that I wanted to actually read.

Countless websites set up by divorce attorneys. Sites full of stock photos and dry articles full of legal terms. And innumerable websites of therapists or family psychologists promoting their books.

Nothing against these sites. They serve a purpose. I learned helpful information from sites like these, but I needed to find a woman’s own words. I

craved to hear from someone who had been in this battle and survived. I needed to hear that I’d be OK. That I wouldn’t be living in this tiny closet of a room, depressed and despondent forever. I needed to believe that I’d survive.

But, I didn’t find a divorce website like that so I decided to create my own.

I didn’t set out to become a divorce blogger, I just wrote this blog for the me that was camped out in her own home. I’m writing it for her and for the woman who’s not sure that things can get better, that she’ll ever feel good about herself again.

It takes courage to say what you truly think.

It might take insanity to then share that on the internet.

And maybe even an extra dollop of crazy to share the darkest period of your life on a blog two times a week.

But that’s what I did. That’s what I’m doing. I hope that if you are in the middle of a divorce, you’ll read these posts and feel a little less alone. Know that you are going to be OK. And so am I.


Do you blog? If so, what made you decide to share online?




  1. Alicia says

    Thank you for creating this blog, just came across it, been divorced 5 years now but in some ways feels like yesterday ( & other ways it feels like a lifetime ago ) . How do I keep myself from engaging in my ex’s drama & not let him get the best of me? He just knows how to push my buttons! I still let him have control over me all these years later.. it’s frustrating but I don’t know how to break away from this hold he still somehow has over me. He is very controlling, insecure, narcasstic .. just to name a few qualities that leads me to where I am now. We have a daughter 9 years old. Co-parenting, that’s another battle, I’ll be here all day! How do I break this cycle , any advice is appreciated! I’ve never wrote a comment on anything like this lol

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