The best Mother’s Day gift? Forgiveness

the best mother's day gift forgiveness

The best Mother’s Day gift? Forgiveness.

I woke up today on Mother’s Day I couldn’t help but think about my role as Mother. My daughter is the center of my universe. Her smile is like the sun breaking through the clouds. How will this separation and divorce change her? Will her self-esteem be shot? What about her future relationships? Will she ever trust? As a child of a horrific divorce (we’re talking weapons and restraining orders) I swore I’d never inflict the same damage on my child, yet here I am.

The guilt I feel is beyond measure. I’m wearing the big loser hat as a Mom. I’m an imperfect human trying to do the best I can with what I was given. As Moms we fight on each day, winning some battles, losing others, but we fight on. Why? Because we have no choice. The alarm sounds at 6am, children must be fed, lunches packed, baths given, work done. We do battle each day, fall into bed, and sleep until we awake to wage war again the next day. That’s being a Mom.

And so, I’d like to propose a gift for myself this Mother’s Day. Forgiveness. I’m going to forgive myself for the less-than-perfect Mother that I am. I’ll forgive myself for the too frequent trips through the drive-thru. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for the times she caught me crying, for the times I forgot to buy more frozen pizza and the times I let her fall asleep without telling her I love her one more time.

Today, can you give yourself the gift of forgiveness? Maybe, if only for today, acknowledge all the things you get right as a Mom. Promise yourself on this Mother’s Day to feel proud of showing your children resilience as you arise each day to make their life better.

Please pause for a moment today to forgive and celebrate yourself. Being a Mom certainly isn’t easy. And doing it while going through a divorce is so difficult. So maybe just for today, stop blaming yourself, if even for a few minutes. If nothing else. Forgiveness just for today.

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