Stop saying I’m sorry! Why do we as women always say I’m sorry?

As women, do you realize how much we say I’m sorry in an actual day?

I’m no different. I need to stop saying I’m sorry.

So to get it out of my system, I thought I’d just make a list and get all of my “I’m sorry’s” out of the way at once.

What, you ask, am I sorry about? I wake up every morning and start the parade of mistakes in my mind. All the millions of mistakes I’ve made. Absolutely everything. Ever. a sh*t ton of sorry. From the thimble that I stole in 4th grade to the date I stood up for Junior Prom. Dear God, I’m sorry. I mean, climate change and the crisis in Crimea are probably my fault too.

You see, I’m a nice girl, I’m designed to say a reflexive “I’m sorry” for everything and anything regardless of whether or not it is my fault. That’s just who I am. Just how I roll.

Is the crash and burn of this marriage my fault. Of course!
I should have been more attentive, more fun, worn cuter pajamas.
Am I to blame for my child’s suffering and deep emotional scars due to this separation? Well, duh.

Why even try to dodge the blame? It’s just so much easier for everyone if I pile on all the wrong and say I’m at fault.

Take the blame, wear that mantle of sh*t and get the F’ out. C’mon. Join me. Jump into this minivan of misdeeds and let’s roll.

You are going to be blamed for all this mess anyway. Might as well make it your own.

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