10 Itty Bitty, Little Things That Put Me Over The Edge.

10 Itty Bitty Things That Put Me Over The Edge.

I know, I know, these annoying little things that happen shouldn’t affect me. But these stupid things just put me over the edge.  I’ve been reading the Malcolm Gladwell book, The Tipping Point (yes, I know about a decade or two later than everyone else, but whatever.) This book dissects how major shifts in society often start with one tiny event that tips […]

A letter to my daughter’s birth mother.

A letter to my daughter's birth mother from an adoptive mom | roundandroundrosie.com

A letter from one mother to another. Dear Birth Mother, I think about you. Often. I’ve never met you. I wonder who you are. Where you live. Every time I brush my daughter’s long dark hair, I think of you and wonder if she got her beautiful hair from you. If only I could meet you, my daughter’s birth mother, I would hug […]

Looking for love on LinkedIn.

has linkedin become a dating site

Apparently there’s a new way to get dates online: and it’s called Linkedin. I think someone forgot to tell me, has Linkedin become the newest online dating site? Are people now looking for love on Linkedin? Like just about every person who works, I’m on LinkedIn. I check LinkedIn to keep in touch with professional contacts. I congratulate people on […]

Navy Leather Jacket. The new fashion over 40 neutral.

Blue Leather. A fresh update to your %0Ablue leather a fresh update for spring

I’ve been an all black dresser since way back when, but I’m trying something new and adding a touch of navy leather as a neutral this season, a great way to add some color to your fashion over 40 basics. A New Fashion Over 40 Basic. The Navy Leather Jacket. I still love me some black! But I’ve been seeing […]

4 absolutely weird places you’ll gain weight once you hit 40.

brassiere and panties

Fat is now finding new and unfortunate places to hide. Beware. Just so you are aware of what’s down the road, here are 4 absolutely bizarre places you’ll gain weight once you hit 40. News alert. Fat is smarter these days (just like our kids). Fat is now outsmarting us. It’s lurking in new and creative places on my body. […]

How to Style a White Tee

how to style a white tee

How to Style A White Tee This Season. Spring is here and it’s finally time to bring out the coolest of the warm weather wardrobe staple, the plain white tee. White tees are just COOL in a not-trying-too-hard, laid back kinda way. The basic white tee’s been cool since James Dean wore one in Rebel Without a Cause and the entire world went […]

How a bad case of head lice led to one of my best days ever.

head lice

I Heart Head Lice!Why my daughter’s case of head lice was actually a wonderful gift. A nasty case of head lice truly made for a nearly perfect day. Standing in the aisle at the grocery store, balancing a gallon jug of cat litter, I got a call from my daughter’s school. Just seeing that number pop up on my cellphone made […]