Divorce 101: Why Fridays Suck When You’re Separated

Divorce 101: Why Friday's Suck When You Divorced

Divorce 101: Why Fridays Suck When You’re Separated. Here’s a little Separation and Divorce 101 info you might want to know. When you are divorced, Fridays are the suckiest day of the week by far. I know, everyone loves to hate Mondays. Back to work, back to school, and all that stuff. But since I’m separated, I’ve come to truly […]

How I Finally Kicked My Diet Coke Addiction.

How I Finally Kicked My Diet Coke Addiction

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How I Finally Kicked my Diet Coke Addiction. I love me some Diet Coke. Ok, I mean, I have a Diet Coke addiction. Downing an iced cold can glistening with moisture takes me to my happy place. It makes a bad day bearable and a good day better. I’ve been in love with Diet Coke […]

The 100 calorie low Cal margarita recipe

Low Cal cocktail recipe: 100 Calorie Margarita

Love Margaritas but hate the huge calories? Here’s a fresh, delicious and low cal margarita recipe that replaces fresh lime juice to lower the calories to a scant 100. Did you know that most margaritas have over 600 calories? Yikes!! That’s enough to ruin a good night of Mexican food before you even get to the tacos. Here’s a low-calorie margarita […]

Communicating with your Ex: Relationship Tips from A Six Pound Chihuahua

custard small but mighty

  Communicating with your ex: relationship tips I’ve learned from a six pound chihuahua. Inspiration comes in funny places sometimes. One of my best relationship coaches is my chihuahua. Pound for pound, she’s got some great nonverbal communications we can all learn from.    She’s six pounds at most, but Custard my Chihuahua could teach us all a few things […]

Divorce Is Like A Bikini Wax. Let it Rip.

how divorce is like a bikini wax

I had an important realization about my divorce recently. I was naked from the waist down and waiting for a woman with a hot stick to singe my nether regions with melted wax when it hit me, divorce and a bikini wax are way too much alike. Both experiences are a) embarrassing, b) expensive and c) very painful. In both processes […]

Crazy things people say to you when you’re divorcing.

lessons from my divorce. don't be that friend.

Crazy Sh$% people say when you are divorcing. For Reals. (People truly say the strangest things to you when you are divorcing.)   Just a few truly unbelievable comments people have said to me during my divorce. When you are divorcing, lots of people have lots of comments that they just NEED to share. You have these people in your life. […]

What is your greatest fear during divorce?

what is your greatest fear during divorce

What is your greatest fear during divorce? I woke up at 2:30 am in a sweat bath of anxiety. What is the fear that wakes me in the darkness? What am I so afraid of? It is my greatest fear. Fear of disappointing. See, I was bred to be a pretty Southern girl. My job was not to be smart, […]