No, you’re not too old! 7 tips for attending your first music festival over 40.

No you’re not too old. 7 Tips for attending your first music festival over 40.

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I just got back from my very first music festival. Yes, my first music festival at 50. What can I say, I’m a procrastinator. I’d always wanted to go, it was on my bucket list but somehow I kept putting it off. So when the time was finally right, here I am.  50.

But do 50 year olds go to music festivals and rock out with the twenty somethings? Yes. Hell yes as a matter of fact. At least this lady does now.

So if you’re like me and you’ve put off going to music festivals till later in life, here are a few tips to make your first music festival experience a total hit.

1. You won’t be the only one who’s old enough to remember cassette tapes and eight tracks.

I was surprised, yes there were lots of young things but there were also a lot more families and people over 40 than I’d expected. I certainly never felt out of place. That was a nice surprise. If you go to a music festival, you won’t be the oldest one there. I promise. And if you are, then you get extra points for being the hippest, most awesome concert goer ever. Either way, you win.

2. Be Prepared for The Porta-potties.

Yep. Be prepared for the porta potties. I’m getting this out there right up front because doing my business in a smelly porta john ain’t my idea of fun. But get used to it. And be ready for long lines to use those smelly porta potties. Be prepared to hold your nose and think happy thoughts. (I’ve heard of some women who bring a contraption that allows them to pee standing up. That would be so much better than trying to hover and not touch anything. I might need to get one of those things.)

3. Hat and Sunscreen.

I spend way too much money trying to get rid of sun damage on my face to wreck it all with a nasty sunburn. And skin cancer? Eek!

Bring a big brimmed hat that covers your neck. You’ll be thankful for all the shade you can get. I did seem some women who brought cute parasols. Shade is at a premium, so next time I’ll head to Chinatown for an inexpensive parasol to bring along.

4. Don’t take too much.

You are walking a ton. And security is tight. So make it easy on yourself and don’t bring much at all. Wear a crossbody bag and pare down to essentials: ID, cash, debit or credit card, sunscreen, Tylenol, a bandaid in case your feet get blistered, and an extra hair tie or two if you have long hair.

5. Wear Whatever Makes You Happy. 

I wore a long maxi sundress with boots which was great in the heat. And I wanted my feet covered for walking in the dust and dirt. Make sure your shoes are comfortable. I also wore my favorite Native Moc sneakers, which are super light and pretty much indestructible. You’ll get lots of exercise in without even trying. My step counter measured 20,000 steps one day (but that did include walking AND dancing I think!) so comfortable shoes are a necessity. Next time I might have to include some glitter and/or face pain in my outfit. Girls do just wanna have fun!

6. Grab Your Girlfriends and Make a Weekend out of it. 

I met two close friends I’ve known since childhood and we made a weekend out of it. And we set some basic ground rules. Namely, to go with the flow. Get there when we felt like it, leave when we wanted. And if anyone got tired and wanted to opt out, that was OK too.

We didn’t want anyone to feel like they had to soldier on if they were tired.

7. If you’re tired, don’t sit. Dance instead!

The last afternoon, we hit a really low point. It was hot, our energy was dragging and we made the mistake to sit down. Worst decision ever. Stand and dance.  My friends and I decided that if we stood and danced, it kept our energy going.

So, my pro tip? When in doubt dance it out!

Have you been to outdoor music festivals? What are some of your favorite tips for attending your first music festival?


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    I don’t think I could love this anymore than I do 🙂 YES YES YES!!! I started going to music festivals in my 20s but it’s definitely been a few years since I’ve visited (and now I’m closer to 40). And sometimes I feel out of place, which is silly, because at the end of the day, no one is looking at anyone any differently–music is the uniting force, right? 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this and I’m SO glad you rocked out at a festie–and that you had a blast!

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    We have a music festival every summer in our community and we’ve had a great time attending. Everyone is having a good time and it is such a positive atmosphere. Music is a medium that brings divergent people together. Glad you had a good time and thanks for the tips!
    Molly STevens recently posted…Discovering your passion after 60My Profile

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    I have been going to music festivals for years and years. I love live music, dancing, and having a great time with friends. One of my most favorite things to do 🙂

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      I used to have bad panic attacks in large crowds, because this was outdoors, I could keep my distance and get space when I needed to. I SO know what you mean!

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    I totally agree, it’s never too late to attend music festivals at all! Another tip I might add to your list is to stay hydrated especially if the festival is in a hot place. Drink plenty of water but not too much. It takes a bit of practice to know the right amount of water you should be consuming: you don’t want to be dehydrated but you also don’t want to over drink with all the dancing you’ll be doing. And you also don’t want to be running to the rest room too often lol.
    Tony Hobby Bite recently posted…Learn guitar with games: Yousician Review and more!My Profile

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      Great tip! I agree, I need to get better at the hydration thing to not get dehydrated and to not have to stand in that crazy long bathroom line or use the yucky port-o-potties!

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    Going to a music festival alone can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Despite some initial nervousness you may feel, this solo trip has the potential to be an unforgettable experience.
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    Thanks for the tips! Yep should really wear comfy outfit to enjoy and some band aids just in case and enjoy everything and dance like it will be the last! Such a happy way to be happy and be relaxed with friends or with the family.

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