My Calista Perfecter Heated Styling Brush Review. Is this the super easy styling tool we’ve been waiting for?

My Review of an Easy to Use, Smoothing, Hair Styling Tool. The Calista Perfecter.

OK, full confession, I think about my hair.A lot.

What can I say? I came of age in the times of hot rollers and a big ass can of White Rain hair spray.

You’d think that this hair obsessing would lead to better looking hair, but unfortuntely I’m also really lazy when it comes to styling my hair. Therein lies the problem. I want fabulous looking hair but I’m not willing to spend an hour with a blow dryer, flat iron and a butt load of hair products to make that happen.

And to make it even more difficult, as I’ve gotten older, my hair has gotten frizzier, so I do have to style it after I use a blow dryer or I end up with long flowing frizz. Not a good look on anybody.

If I could afford it, I’d get a professional blow out a few times a week, but since that’s not an option, I was excited to find out about another solution.


The Calista Perfecter from QVC. I was really excited when a friend raved about this styling tool. She said it helped give her the look of a salon blowout at home. I ordered it online and couldn’t wait to put it to the test and see if it helped me fight the frizz and get smoother, more styled hair.

calista perfector review

Did I like The Perfecter?  (spoiler alert. I did.)

It was easy. Really easy. Don’t believe me? Just watch!  Here’s my video review and demo using the Calista Perfecter.

And here’s a quick preview of the finished product. What do you think? Not too bad.


Here’s the link to the The Calista Perfecter from QVC.

If you try it out, would love to find out what you thought.

Stay tuned, I’ll be trying out some other new hair styling tools and sharing my thoughts.

And if you haven’t yet, sneak on over and check out Round and Round Rosie’s Pinterest. I’ve stockpiled a lot of info and links on Over 40 Beauty, Health and, of course, hair stuff!



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    I have the Instyler version of this and I love it. I have straight hair, but it smooths out the wobbles and curves the ends under and takes no time at all to make a big difference. I also love that I don’t burn myself on it (or fry my hair)
    Leanne recently posted…MIDLIFE ROCKS! ~ TravelMy Profile

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    Great video. Thanks for sharing this, as I grow out my hair, it becomes a struggle every morning. It’s so much easier when the hair time is just 5 minutes, but when I need to spend 20 minutes or more blowing out my hair, it becomes a project.
    Jennifer recently posted…This Is My Ultimate FearMy Profile

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