Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about divorce and the difficulties of co-parenting

Gwyneth Paltrow talks about the difficulties of divorce and co-parenting with her ex Chris Martin.

I just got back from the Blogher ’15 conference in New York where Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the featured speakers.

I’ve been a reader of her lifestyle blog goop for a while and was really curious to hear her speak. Most of the women in the room wanted to hear her discuss her blogging empire, sure that could be useful information since it was a blogging convention, but I was really there to see if she was going to talk about the one thing that we have in common: divorce.

As a divorcing very much non-celebrity mom, I was curious if she would actually discuss her recent divorce. I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about their recent divorce with a roomful of 1,000 women you don’t know in a hotel ballroom?

I was surprised when she did go there. She didn’t back away from the topic of her divorce and the difficult job of co-parenting with her ex.  Maybe a roomful of sympathetic moms was an easy place to unmask and get real. Whatever the reason, I was impressed. Impressed by her bravery and how disarmingly open she was.

Here’s the interview.

Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about coparenting and her divorce from Chris

Gwyneth at the recent Blogher Conference in New York

One of my favorite quotes, which got lots of applause;

“These children are our priority. What that means, what that really means,  is that you may hate me today and never want to see me again today but we’re going to brunch because it’s Sunday and that’s what we do.”

The bottom line: I guess that even when you are a gorgeous talented celebrity your marriage can go all to hell too. And even with the luxury and entitlement that fame brings, divorce is still a messy and difficult affair. In fact, it’s probably worse with the entire world watching and judging you in the crazy spectacle of social media.

I know she got flack for her “conscious uncoupling” phrase, but she seemed to be a plugged-in parent who’d thought out how to navigate co-parenting through a challenging time.

What did you think of Gwyneth Paltrow’s comments on co-parenting?





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