A Boozy, Drunken Recipe. The Absolutely Fabulous Champagne Cocktail.

Watch out sweetie! I’m feeling absolutely inspired after watching Absolutely Fabulous. Here’s my drunken cocktail demo.

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Absolutely Fabulous the movie review

Have I mentioned how much I loved the BBC series Absolutely Fabulous? I had the entire series on VHS and would drink champagne and watch the hell out of it. Yes I said VHS, I’m freakin’ old.

So you can only imagine how excited I was to see Absolutely Fabulous the Movie. So excited I just about pee’d my Spanx.

I mean. Patsy.


Inappropriate Behavior. Ridiculous High Fashion.

And Champagne. Lots and lots of champagne.

I was so inspired, I came home and created my own Absolutely Fabulous Champagne Cocktail in honor of the girls triumphant return.

Pure Champagne Deliciousness, but damned it’s dangerous.

Here’s the drunken video evidence, I mean, demonstration.

This champagne cocktail is so delicious, but man it sneaks up on you. You’ve been warned.

Absolutely Fabulous the Movie. I’ve seen it once, I’m grabbing some boozy friends and going back again but this time, I’m going to smuggle in my fab champagne cocktail. I think thatPatsy and Edina would totally approve of that. 


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      Lisa, so glad you found the site on G+,I’m so glad you stopped by! If you loved the Ab Fab series, you’ll totally dig the movie!

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