Divorce Wisdom. You are going to be OK.

Divorce Wisdom that I’ve learned the hard way. You are going to be OK in the end.


Maybe you asked for the divorce, maybe you didn’t.

Maybe you were the one to utter the “D” word. DIVORCE.

Or maybe he said it first and it landed like a well placed punch in the gut, sucking the air out of your lungs.

However it happened, here you are.

You are now one of us. Separated. Divorced. Estranged.

Whatever term you use to describe your current state. Welcome!

We know and share the pain. The awkwardness. The uncertainty. The complete absurdity of being in this position that you never, ever remotely imagined. You were a WE, now you are simply ME. Raw, exposed and so fresh with hurt.

The only thing that I do know for sure in all this?

It does get better. I promise. Each day, wake up and take ten steps. Then ten more. And then another ten. Slowly, you will learn to walk alone again. Then to run. They amazingly you will learn how to fly. Solo. Single. Alone. Afraid but OK.



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