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About Me, Over 40 blogger Round and Round Rosie

Hey there! So glad you stopped by! I’m Rosemond, the blogger/writer/video-making mom behind Round and Round Rosie.

Around 2014, I started this little blog. At first, the blog  was all about divorce since, well,  that’s pretty much what my life was all about too. But slowly, my life became about a whole lot more and now so has my blog.

Or as the cool kids say, I “pivoted.” Now my blog is about a whole bunch of other things from an over 40 perspective. Things like my fear of mom jeans, or really strange places you gain weight in midlife.

Other topics? Adoption, parenting a teen, and my love affair with my frequent Stitch Fix clothing boxes.

I love to share fashion, beauty, clothes and style tricks because, frankly, I’ve come to realize I’m happier when I have bit of makeup and a cute outfit I feel good in. (Here’s a recent post on Nic & Zoe, one of my new fave clothing brands.)

I also enjoy embarrassing myself on video. I now have a youtube channel. I even won a BlogHer Voices of the Year recently for one of my videos called How To Tell If You’re Old. I guess the BlogHer ladies also enjoy over 40 women who make fun of themselves on camera.

I am usually doing all this said writing or video editing at 3am while eating carbs. (That’s after I’ve wasted several hours reading my Facebook feed and pinning outfits onto my Pinterest boards.)

A few more facts in case you are curious. I enjoy being upgraded to Business Class, vegan snacks, and makeup samples. Oh, and champagne. Bonus points if I’m enjoying those vegan snacks and champagne while sitting in Business Class wearing makeup, but that’s a lot to ask.

Where Else Might You Come Across Me? I contribute to BabbleHuffington Post Divorce,  and have been featured on Blogher, BluntMoms, Menopausal Mom, Adopting.org and rippedjeansandbifocals.

Look me up here on Social Media. (I’m usually there when I should be writing my own blog posts…) 





Want to Work With Me? 

I’ve worked with brands including Fox Searchlight Films, Nic & Zoe, Le Roche Posay, and Alon Skincare. I create sponsored posts and videos for brands that I believe in and use, and that I think my readers might like to learn more about. Think your brand might be a good fit? Email me at rosemond@me.com and let’s discuss.

Want to Contribute to Round And Round Rosie?

Are you a writer? Want to write a guest post?  I’d love to have other women share their own tales of divorce, dating, coparenting and relaunching their new lives. It can be sad, snarky, funny, warm, insightful or informative. Email me at rosemond@me.com and let’s get to talking.