Dear People, single parenting is not a competition.


OK. A gentle reminder to everyone out there. Single parenting is NOT a competition. I’ve read several post lately debating exactly who qualifies to call themselves a single parent. And it caused me to examine myself.  Am I really a “single parent?” Do I actually qualify for this title?   I even wrote a short piece about single parenting for the […]

Dear Miley Cyrus, please put your clothes back on.

Miley Cyrus put some clothes on

To Ms. Miley Cyrus, a letter from a non stuffy, thong wearing mom. First off, I’m not a prude. I’m not some uptight middle aged judge-y Mom. I drop an F bomb. I can use the word “vagina” in mixed company with no problem. But please, for all that is good, please oh please Ms. Cyrus, put your clothes back on. […]

If Joint Custody Were a Country Song.

Joint Custody is like a country song.

I think that sharing custody of your child would make a great country song. For most people, Mondays are the day reality comes calling. Mondays are when the fun ends. For me that day is Tuesday. The day real life smacks me square in the face. That’s the day, every other week, my daughter goes to be with her father. That’s […]

Now that I’m parenting a teen, my big apology to the world.

parenting a teen

I’m officially parenting a teen, and frankly I’m scared. Well, scared and slightly sickened.   The eye rolling, the crossed arms, the silent stare of death; I’ve gone from “Mommy” to the most stupid humanoid on the planet. This whole teen thing is new in our house but somehow it feels strangely familiar. Why? BECAUSE I REALIZE, I WAS ONCE […]