A letter to my daughter’s birth mother.

A letter to my daughter's birth mother from an adoptive mom | roundandroundrosie.com

A letter from one mother to another. Dear Birth Mother, I think about you. Often. I’ve never met you. I wonder who you are. Where you live. Every time I brush my daughter’s long dark hair, I think of you and wonder if she got her beautiful hair from you. If only I could meet you, my daughter’s birth mother, I would hug […]

How a bad case of head lice led to one of my best days ever.

head lice

I Heart Head Lice!Why my daughter’s case of head lice was actually a wonderful gift. A nasty case of head lice truly made for a nearly perfect day. Standing in the aisle at the grocery store, balancing a gallon jug of cat litter, I got a call from my daughter’s school. Just seeing that number pop up on my cellphone made […]

4 Things I Wish I Could Change About Adoption.

4 not so great things about adoption

I adore adoption but as my child gets older, there are things I regret about adoption, things I wish I could change about life as a family formed by adoption. Here are 4 things I so wish I could change-for my daughter’s sake. If you know me, you know I’m a huge advocate and fan of adoption. I love it not […]

Strange things I do in my car. (Emily Post, stop judging.)

strange things in a car

There are many strange things people do in cars in LA. And now I’m one of them. I’ve been in LA way too long. I used to be horrified when I was driving on the freeway and saw people all around me doing strange, private, often gross, things in their car. Yes, I judged these people, but now that I’m stuck in […]

Long Distance Parenting-6 Tips to Save Your Sanity.

Long distance co-parenting.

Long Distance Parenting. Some Tips for Parenting when you are miles apart.  (A guest post from Kyla, writer and parent.) I’m west coast and her father is east coast. He and I are mostly past the anger phase and occasionally have pleasant conversations in which we talk about what is up with our new teenager or gossip about our families. We […]

“Sexy” Halloween costumes for teens? My big hell no.

Remind me again; when did we decide that Halloween costumes for teens should look like this?

When did Halloween costumes for teens become so completely inappropriate? I’ve just been online looking for a Halloween costume for my teenaged daughter. I have a question for Moms everywhere. When did it become an awesome idea to dress your teen so inappropriately? Every single tacky rayon costume that I came across is perfect– if you want to send your […]