A message for my teen about her adoption. And her past.

How to talk to your teen about adoption | roundandroundrosie.com

This New Year’s Eve, I’ll be giving my teen a link to her past and giving her information about her adoption.   My daughter is growing up faster than I ever imagined. She’s a teen now, a full fledged adult in training. Yes, she’s got the mood swing and sometimes surly teen attitude, but she’s also becoming more interested and curious […]

Instant Mom, a review of Nia Vardalos’ hilarious book about adoption. The funniest, and most honest, thing you’ll ever read about adoption.

A hilarious book about adoption that every adoptive parent needs to read. A review of Nia Vardalos' adoption memoir, Instant Mom.

Instant Mom, a review of the funniest thing you’ll ever read about adoption. Nia Vardalos’ hilarious and brutally honest memoir of her path to becoming a parent. If you’re an adoptive parent, actually if you have ever parented a small messy human being, you have to read Instant Mom, Nia Vardalos’  poignant and funny memoir of becoming an “Instant Mom” through […]

Sh*t I Forgot To Teach My Child. A Few of My Most Epic Parenting Fails.

Epic failures while parenting a teen. All the stuff I totally got wrong | roundandroundrosie.com

Just A Few Really Crucial, Important Life Lessons I Somehow Forgot to Teach My Teen. (Also known as important sh*t I forgot to teach my child. Oops.) Yesterday, the unthinkable happened. My daughter started high school. (Here’s a recap of the evil ways I made her summer vacation before high school completely suck.) Hold the phone. How in God’s name did […]

4 Evil Ways I’m Ruining My Teen’s Summer Vacation.

ruin my teen's summer vacation

My evil plan to totally wreck my teen’s summer vacation. I know, I know. It’s summer time. No homework, no early morning bolt out the door to get to school on time. It’s a summer break. Summer vacation. It’s supposed to be months of complete and total lazy, don’t-brush-your-teeth-for-days sloth. At least that’s what my daughter thinks. I’m OK with some […]