Is divorce contagious? Is your relationship safe?

is divorce contagious

 Have you ever wondered, is divorce contagious? Can you catch it from a co-worker, just like the flu? According to a long term study on divorce, yes you can. The facts are kinda scary. A recent study on divorce found some pretty surprising statistics: If your friend gets a divorce, you are 147 times more likely to get a divorce within […]

How to find your inner B*tch and be a total divorce bad ass

Divorced mom anti-boring life list

Divorced mom the anti-boring life list you need to make, and get rocking on with your life. It’s Friday night in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the planet and I’m cleaning lint out of my dryer. Miley Cyrus is probably less than half a mile away twerking herself silly.  I can see Universal Studios (not Alaska) from my house. […]

Packing tips for moving out after your divorce.

Divorce Facts: Divorce is a Big Box of Craptastic

Packing tips for moving out after your divorce. One of the happiest times in a divorce is when you get to pack your clothing and personal belongings into big boxes. Or if you’re broke and can’t afford boxes, you get to pack it all in big green garbage bags. Nothing says “I’m almost homeless” like your underwear spilling out of […]

Communicating with your Ex: Relationship Tips from A Six Pound Chihuahua

custard small but mighty

  Communicating with your ex: relationship tips I’ve learned from a six pound chihuahua. Inspiration comes in funny places sometimes. One of my best relationship coaches is my chihuahua. Pound for pound, she’s got some great nonverbal communications we can all learn from.    She’s six pounds at most, but Custard my Chihuahua could teach us all a few things […]

Divorce Is Like A Bikini Wax. Let it Rip.

how divorce is like a bikini wax

I had an important realization about my divorce recently. I was naked from the waist down and waiting for a woman with a hot stick to singe my nether regions with melted wax when it hit me, divorce and a bikini wax are way too much alike. Both experiences are a) embarrassing, b) expensive and c) very painful. In both processes […]

A Poem About Divorce: The Power of Me.

a poem about divorce. the power of me.

A Poem About Divorce: The Power of Me. A Power About Divorce. THE POWER OF ME Don’t let the cotton candy hair and pleasing apple smile fool you. I am made of steel and spikes, Bone and ore There lies beneath this soft white skin-a core of asphalt. A mighty center. Miles of road. hairpin turns. Freeway walls of profane […]