Stitch Fix Review. Casual Fashion Over 40

Stitch Fix Review. Fall Fashion Over 40 Essentials

Here’s the review of my Stitch Fix Fall Box and the Casual Fashion Over 40 essentials inside. It’s Fall here in Los Angeles but you’ve never know it by the temperature. Thank Goodness my Stitch Fix stylists are really good about sending “Fall” clothes that I can still wear in 85 degree weather! If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s […]

The daily habit that’s aging your skin.

The one thing you're doing that really aging your skin

The daily habit that’s totally aging your skin. Everyone thinks of sunscreen in the summer. It’s kinda a no brainer. Beach. Vacation. Bike rides. Barbeques. Most people are pretty diligent about sunscreen when it’s hot outside. But do you know how much sun you can get every day without even realizing? And do you know how much this accumulation of exposure is […]

My neck looks like a Shar Pei and other gripes over 40.

My Neck Looks Like A Shar Pei and other gripes over 40

Other people were supposed to get old. Not me. I know, I should be thankful about being over 40. I should be joyful. But I’m not just over 40, I’m staring 50 square in the face. And I’m pissed. Don’t misunderstand, I’m so thankful to be here, to still be walking the planet. I can think of lots of friends who […]

Fall’s best trends: Heeled Loafers and A Wrap Style Jacket.


The Heeled Loafers and Blanket Coat to jazz up your Fall Style. I’ve been eyeing some heeled loafers to add to my Fall wardrobe, but some of the loafers I tried on felt way too “Old Librarian” for me. I loved the idea of them but they felt so DOWDY! But then I spied these lace up boots at Nordstrom that […]

The patterned heel you’ll want this Fall.

The patterned heel you'll want this Fall

Here’s the patterned heel to expand your wardrobe this Fall. I’ve been seeing patterned pumps everywhere this Fall. And just saw this great pair at Nordstrom which I’m totally loving! I’m showing off my new patterned pump for Fall in a truly spectacular place, The Rodin Sculpture Garden at the Cantor Art Museum at Stanford University. The Rodin Sculpture Garden […]

Seven Days and Seven Dresses Style Challenge. My ladylike Reiss dress.

My ladylike Reiss Dress

I made it an entire week! Seven whole days of only wearing dresses! Today, I’m showing off my very ladylike Reiss dress. Yes I know, on the scale of accomplishments it’s not quite summiting Everest or swimming with sharks, but in my itty bitty divorced mom world, it’s kinda major. Now at least my daughter doesn’t think I’m going to a […]

Seven Days & Seven Dresses-Boho Chic

7 day dress challenge day 4 4

Seven Days & Seven Dresses-Day 4, Boho Chic Cannot believe that I’m halfway through with my 7 days & 7 dresses style challenge. I know the calendar says that it’s Fall but the weather here in Los Angeles has been crazy hot, so this week is the perfect time to wear a dress and stay a little cooler. Fluid Crepe […]