4 Super Stylish Wardrobe Pieces To Invest In This Fall

Fall wardrobe ideas

How to Integrate Some of the Season’s Best Trends Into Your Existing Wardrobe. It’s my favorite time of the year. No, not Back to School season or Pumpkin Spiced Latte time (although those are pretty great too). No, my favorite time of the year is when fall fashion starts to appear. Cozy sweaters and knits and plush jackets are popping up […]

Awesome, Lazy Beauty Hacks for the Over 40 Woman.

super easy beauty tips for the over 40 woman

My favorite lazy makeup and beauty hacks for the over 40 woman. I’m lazy. There I said it. I try to be good but sometimes even simple beauty and makeup tasks just feel like big time chores. What’s an over 40 woman to do? Learn some shortcuts for those days when you just can’t bring yourself to do all the usual […]

Over 40 Style, My Stitch Fix Clothing Review.

Stitch Fix clothing summer style essentials over 40

Over 40 Summertime Style. My Stitch Fix Clothing Review. A review of my latest summertime Stitch Fix box. A haul of cute, cool and totally adorable Stitch Fix clothing! It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Stitch Fix boxes. What can I say? School’s out and summer’s in full swing. Road trips, travel, annoying my teen. Receiving this Stitch […]

How To Rock A Menopot.

how to rock a menopot, that middle aged pudgy middle

It’s time ladies. It’s time to learn to rock a Menopot. Loosen those pants and let your middle aged middle hang loose and free my friends. Muffin Top. Jelly belly. The area formerly known as your waist. Whatever you decide to call it we all know what it is. That squishy lump around your middle that, once you hit 40, just […]

Navy Leather Jacket. The new fashion over 40 neutral.

Blue Leather. A fresh update to your %0Ablue leather a fresh update for spring

I’ve been an all black dresser since way back when, but I’m trying something new and adding a touch of navy leather as a neutral this season, a great way to add some color to your fashion over 40 basics. A New Fashion Over 40 Basic. The Navy Leather Jacket. I still love me some black! But I’ve been seeing […]

4 absolutely weird places you’ll gain weight once you hit 40.

brassiere and panties

Fat is now finding new and unfortunate places to hide. Beware. Just so you are aware of what’s down the road, here are 4 absolutely bizarre places you’ll gain weight once you hit 40. News alert. Fat is smarter these days (just like our kids). Fat is now outsmarting us. It’s lurking in new and creative places on my body. […]