Is a happy marriage just an old-fashioned idea?

Divorce wisdom: is happily ever after a possibility?

Is marriage an old-fashioned custom way past its prime? I saw this car in a parking lot yesterday. Toilet paper draped, shaving cream letters, a big heart with the new couple’s initials. Hope and joy of happily ever after. A marriage that lasts forever. Till death do us part. But it made me wonder, is happily ever after really possible? […]

Divorcing? Be brave enough to be an idiot.

divorcing? be brave enough to be an idiot.

Divorcing? Be brave enough to be an idiot. My twenty year old self is cringing right now. I am wearing a really stupid purple and pink hat. People are probably staring. They might be wondering what the hell I’m doing. I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m being brave enough to look like an idiot. Remember when you were in […]

What is your greatest fear during divorce?

what is your greatest fear during divorce

What is your greatest fear during divorce? I woke up at 2:30 am in a sweat bath of anxiety. What is the fear that wakes me in the darkness? What am I so afraid of? It is my greatest fear. Fear of disappointing. See, I was bred to be a pretty Southern girl. My job was not to be smart, […]

5 Best Places to Have a Mid-Divorce Nervous Breakdown

5 best places to have a mid divorce nervous breakdown

Is your divorce driving you crazy? Separated and feel like you are losing it? I’ve been mid-separation for so long, I think I’m almost ready for a nervous breakdown. And honestly, who wants to lose their mind someplace like Sacramento or Bakersfield or their guest bedroom? If I’m going to be curled up in the fetal position and drooling, it […]

Divorce Wisdom. You are going to be OK.


Divorce Wisdom that I’ve learned the hard way. You are going to be OK in the end. Maybe you asked for the divorce, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were the one to utter the “D” word. DIVORCE. Or maybe he said it first and it landed like a well placed punch in the gut, sucking the air out of your […]