Legal Divorce Terms You Need to Know. A Handy Guide.

An easy to understand guide to legal terms you'll need to know in divorce |

Legal Divorce Terms You’ll Need To Know During Your Divorce. Here’s an easy to understand glossary of terms you’ll find in your divorce filings. Do you speak legalese? No, neither do I. Divorce paperwork is incredibly confusing. Once you file for divorce, you will be bombarded by legal terms, words and phrases from your attorney and in your divorce paperwork. […]

Filing for divorce? 6 things I wish I’d known beforehand.

What I wish I'd known before filing for divorce

There are so many things that I wish I’d known before filing for divorce. I would have saved time, money and heartache (maybe even some of my sanity) if I’d known these pointers before filing.  If you are filing for divorce, please, oh Lord please, pay attention to these 6 things and be prepared. 1. Getting a divorce is going to take twice as […]

Are you brave enough to file for divorce?

are you brave enough to file for divorce

Do you ever wonder if you really have the guts to file for divorce? I had dinner last night with three friends who are in various stages of divorce. Our situations are each a little different. One’s divorce has been final for a few years, another friend’s separation has been dragging on for two years so far, and another is […]

4 Ways to Have a Horrible Divorce

4 ways to have a horrible divorce

4 Ways to Have a Horrible Divorce. If you want to make sure your divorce is a painful, long running disaster, just follow my divorce advice. You are guaranteed to have a divorce that will cost you lots of money and leave you emotionally bankrupt too. 1. Ask everyone their opinion. When I first separated I was so unsure of […]

The reasons why I blog about divorce.

the reasons why I blog about divorce

In case you were wondering, here are the reasons why I blog about divorce. I’ve been writing this blog about divorce for over six months now. I thought it would be a good time to backup and explain why I’m writing this divorce blog anyway. Why do I share these tales of divorce? It all started in my tiny guest […]