10 Itty Bitty, Little Things That Put Me Over The Edge.

10 Itty Bitty Things That Put Me Over The Edge.

I know, I know, these annoying little things that happen shouldn’t affect me. But these stupid things just put me over the edge.  I’ve been reading the Malcolm Gladwell book, The Tipping Point (yes, I know about a decade or two later than everyone else, but whatever.) This book dissects how major shifts in society often start with one tiny event that tips […]

4 absolutely weird places you’ll gain weight once you hit 40.

brassiere and panties

Fat is now finding new and unfortunate places to hide. Beware. Just so you are aware of what’s down the road, here are 4 absolutely bizarre places you’ll gain weight once you hit 40. News alert. Fat is smarter these days (just like our kids). Fat is now outsmarting us. It’s lurking in new and creative places on my body. […]

Why Moving Makes My Head Explode.

moving tips

Moving doesn’t just give me a stress headache it makes me feel like my head could explode. So in case you noticed, my blog has been really quiet this week. Crazy quiet, like, crickets. No I haven’t abandoned it.  No I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth either, I’ve just been moving. Moving boxes of boxes of stuff […]

Strange things I do in my car. (Emily Post, stop judging.)

strange things in a car

There are many strange things people do in cars in LA. And now I’m one of them. I’ve been in LA way too long. I used to be horrified when I was driving on the freeway and saw people all around me doing strange, private, often gross, things in their car. Yes, I judged these people, but now that I’m stuck in […]

4 Gifts to give yourself on Valentine’s Day!

naja lingerie 1

Gifts to give yourself on Valentine’s Day that you’ll actually wear-and love! I know that you are supposed to be giving gifts to everyone else this Valentine’s Day to express your love. But what about loving yourself too? While you’re out shopping, why don’t you also pick up something that you’d love to receive? As moms, and as women, we […]

5 life changing tips to love your body more today.

love your body

Several simply fantastic ways even you, yes you, can learn to love your body. This weekend I went on a very long bike ride. 66 miles spread over 2 days. I’m not that used to long bike rides, I’ve only done a handful over 20 miles. And I did this one carrying a 20 pound backpack (with my chihuahua strapped inside […]

Mom jeans are back in style. And my crotch is scared.

Mom Jeans are back in style. And my crotch is scared.

Mom Jeans Are Back, because obviously someone forgot how ugly these things were the first time around. The 80’s are back and I’m not happy. Just when I’d finally made peace with lowrise jeans (OK, so 20 years after they debuted but who’s counting?) it seems that the fashion Gods have decided that Mom jeans are once again stylish. Because I […]

A new anti-aging treatment for uneven skin tone.

Alon Rewind

A new way of treating dark spots, unevenness & hyperpigmentation.   I stumbled upon a great new anti-aging skincare solution, Rewind Skin Rejuvenating Serum, while surfing the interwebs one day and couldn’t wait to try it out. It’s from Alon Labs, a California based company in Silicon Valley. I’ve had melasma and hyperpigmentation for years. In case you aren’t familiar […]