5 lessons the Fourth of July teaches you about divorce.

5 lessons the fourth of july teaches you about divorce

5 lessons the Fourth of July teaches you about divorce.  The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays but it wasn’t until the middle of my divorce that I realized how much divorce and the Fourth of July have in common. What you ask? Well, just read through the Declaration of Independence (and if you’ve never actually seen those words […]

4 tips to conquer your fear of doing things alone.


Get off the couch and get out there!  4 simple ways to conquer your fear of doing things alone. We’ve all been there.  You’re newly single and with a big blank calendar. No invites or spousal date nights to keep you occupied. There’s a new movie that just came out and you’re dying to see it, but you don’t have anyone […]

Should you change your last name after divorce?

Should you change your last name after divorce

Should you change your last name after divorce? Deciding which last name to use isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Should you change your family name after your divorce is final? When I got married, I took my husband’s name just like so many women do. I thought that once divorced, it would be easy to go […]

Filing for divorce? 6 things I wish I’d known beforehand.

What I wish I'd known before filing for divorce

There are so many things that I wish I’d known before filing for divorce. I would have saved time, money and heartache (maybe even some of my sanity) if I’d known these pointers before filing.  If you are filing for divorce, please, oh Lord please, pay attention to these 6 things and be prepared. 1. Getting a divorce is going to take twice as […]

49 completely crazy things you do in divorce, part 2.

49 completely crazy things divorce will make you do | roundandroundrosie.com

Some divorce advice for everyone. Here are 99 crazy things you (yes, even you!) will do in divorce. Here’s the remaining 99 crazy things you do in divorce. (You can check out my blog post with the first half of the crazy things list you’ll do right here.) You’ll probably find yourself doing some of these slightly odd things listed here. 50. Becoming the […]

10 Lessons Every Single Mom Learns.

10 lessons every single mom learns

10 Lessons every single mom learns. The job of being a mom is definitely tough. Being a single mom? That takes  super hero strength. And so this Mother’s Day, I’d like to acknowledge single moms everywhere by sharing 10 lessons that single moms eventually learn. TEN TRUTHS THAT ONLY SINGLE MOMS KNOW 1. You aren’t Bad Cop or Good Cop. You are now […]