How to know when to start dating after divorce.

How to Know When It's Time To Start Dating After Divorce

How Long Should You Wait to Date After Divorce? That might depend on how you answer these questions. Here’s how to know when it’s time to start dating after divorce.   At some point after your divorce or separation, you’re probably going to want to start dating again. So how do you know when the time is right? When is it […]

Sh*t I Forgot To Teach My Child. A Few of My Most Epic Parenting Fails.

Epic failures while parenting a teen. All the stuff I totally got wrong |

Just A Few Really Crucial, Important Life Lessons I Somehow Forgot to Teach My Teen. (Also known as important sh*t I forgot to teach my child. Oops.) Yesterday, the unthinkable happened. My daughter started high school. (Here’s a recap of the evil ways I made her summer vacation before high school completely suck.) Hold the phone. How in God’s name did […]

4 Super Stylish Wardrobe Pieces To Invest In This Fall

Fall wardrobe ideas

How to Integrate Some of the Season’s Best Trends Into Your Existing Wardrobe. It’s my favorite time of the year. No, not Back to School season or Pumpkin Spiced Latte time (although those are pretty great too). No, my favorite time of the year is when fall fashion starts to appear. Cozy sweaters and knits and plush jackets are popping up […]

4 tips I learned at BlogHer16 that will make you a better blogger.


4 essential blogging tips I learned at BlogHer16 that will make you a better, happier and more successful blogger. If you aren’t a blogger, bear with me. I don’t write about blogging very often, but I learned SO freakin’ much about blogging-and life-at the recent BlogHer 2016 conference, that I just have to share the tips I learned at Blogher16. […]

Awesome, Lazy Beauty Hacks for the Over 40 Woman.

super easy beauty tips for the over 40 woman

My favorite lazy makeup and beauty hacks for the over 40 woman. I’m lazy. There I said it. I try to be good but sometimes even simple beauty and makeup tasks just feel like big time chores. What’s an over 40 woman to do? Learn some shortcuts for those days when you just can’t bring yourself to do all the usual […]