Coping with divorce? You need relationship duct tape.

Coping with divorce? Duct tape.

Coping with divorce? You need relationship duct tape. I’m a southern girl so I know the value of duct tape. Daddy always told me to keep some in the back of my car because you never know when a situation might call for some fixing. Daddy, as usual, was right. One day, I got in a fender bender on the […]

Most Depressing break up songs ever.

Most Depressing breakup songs.

Most depressing break up songs ever. I’m in the middle of a divorce so I don’t need any help feeling down, thank you very much. Depressing songs about loss and breakups? Nope. I don’t need help finding a reason to cry. You gotta be careful when you’re in a divorce or break up, so these are the songs I’ve sworn […]

How to find your inner B*tch and be a total divorce bad ass.


  Best Divorce Advice Ever. Find your inner B*tch. I’m nice. I can’t help it. I’m kind, sweet. I avoid arguments. Most days, being nice is a good way to live your life. Except the day you begin divorce proceedings. During a divorce, I have learned that nice gets your nowhere fast. Nice gets you a big ol’ dish of […]

Is a happy marriage just an old-fashioned idea?

Divorce wisdom: is happily ever after a possibility?

Is marriage an old-fashioned custom way past its prime? I saw this car in a parking lot yesterday. Toilet paper draped, shaving cream letters, a big heart with the new couple’s initials. Hope and joy of happily ever after. A marriage that lasts forever. Till death do us part. But it made me wonder, is happily ever after really possible? […]

Lipstick and Lunges: Are you crazy to wear makeup to workout?

Lipstick and lunges. Shape magazine how to perform a basic lunge.

Lipstick and lunges. Do you wear makeup to the gym? You’ve heard those comments. “It’s one of those kinds of gyms where women put on makeup to go and workout.” I have to confess. I’m one of those women. I just feel better with a little coverup, mascara and lipgloss on before I get moving. That I’ll probably sweat it […]

Divorce And Back to School. Bittersweet.

Divorce and back to school. Bittersweet.

Divorce and Back to School. Bittersweet. It’s that time of year again. Our kids go back to school and we go back to having a life. But that is bittersweet. Remember that great Staples commercial with the Dad skipping down the aisles while his unhappy kids shop for school supplies? I do feel a wee bit exuberant. I got to […]

Packing tips for moving out after your divorce.

Divorce Facts: Divorce is a Big Box of Craptastic

Packing tips for moving out after your divorce. One of the happiest times in a divorce is when you get to pack your clothing and personal belongings into big boxes. Or if you’re broke and can’t afford boxes, you get to pack it all in big green garbage bags. Nothing says “I’m almost homeless” like your underwear spilling out of […]

Divorcing? Be brave enough to be an idiot.

divorcing? be brave enough to be an idiot.

Divorcing? Be brave enough to be an idiot. My twenty year old self is cringing right now. I am wearing a really stupid purple and pink hat. People are probably staring. They might be wondering what the hell I’m doing. I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m being brave enough to look like an idiot. Remember when you were in […]

People you need to steer clear of during your divorce.

Divorcing? Watch out for these Drips, Drains and Downers

Divorcing? Watch out for these Drips, Drains and Downers. I hate to say this, but sometimes you have to protect yourself from the people around you. Even those you call friends. And the way to do that is to limit the time you spend with them. Mean? Maybe. Self preservation? Most definitely. Do these people seem familiar? The Drains: These […]