49 totally insane things you will do during your divorce. Yes, even you!

Divorce advice for everyone out there. Here are 49 totally crazy things you will do during your divorce.

49 Totally Crazy things you will do during your divorce


I’m sorry to tell you but even the sanest of the sane will relate. Here are some crazy ass, unstable, off the wall things you will do in divorce. Here we go:


  1. Crying in the carpool line at school.

  2. Learning to say “me” in conversation instead of “we”.

  3. Wine, wine, and a little more wine. (Did I mention you will drink wine alone?)

  4. Sitting in your car in your own driveway to make private phone calls.

  5. Wondering if you will ever date.

  6. Deciding that you’ll end up being that lonely old lady who feeds the pigeons by the freeway off ramp.

  7. Eating a diet of whatever you buy at the grocery store to pack in your child’s lunch.

  8. Having nothing to then put in your child’s lunchbox because you couldn’t sleep and ate it all at 3am.

  9. Moving out.

  10. Learning how much stuff, how many belongings, you absolutely don’t need.

  11. Packing all your worldly belongings into big green Hefty garbage bags. (I even made a video about the JOY of moving out after divorce.

  12. Wanting to light a match and set fire to all your belonging instead of moving them one more time.

  13. Moving on.

  14. Praying (that sounds more like crying and pleading).

  15. Actually forgetting to eat. (That’s never happened before)

  16. Crying even more. This time during the Super Bowl at those damned Budweiser Clydesdale horse commercials.

  17. Sleeping in your clothes because you are too exhausted to get undressed.

  18. Learning what it means to get served (and not in a restaurant).

  19. Driving around for hours because you are just too sad to go home.

  20. Crying during the previews at the movie theater (the dancing popcorn and singing soda reminding you to get snacks at the concession stand suddenly seem sad.)

  21. Not knowing what is Next.

  22. Finally being OK with not knowing what is Next.

  23. Long walks to keep your sanity.

  24. Being afraid to be alone.

  25. Living in an apartment again, and hearing the neighbors in the apartment above you having sex.

  26. Going to a psychic to get guidance.

  27. Deciding that you will never, ever want to date.

  28. Joining Match.com the next morning.

  29. Going off Match.com after every man who contacts you looks like he just got released from prison.

  30. Rejoining Match a week later.

  31. Wishing you could become a Lesbian.

  32. Calling your father at 2 am to ask him if you will be OK.

  33. Your Dad talking to you until 4 am to reassure you that you will be OK.

  34. Remembering you are a good person.

  35. Buying your first toolbox.

  36. Using a drill for the first time, not very well but still using it.

  37. Hiring an attorney.

  38. Firing the first attorney. Hiring your second attorney.

  39. Spending hundreds of dollars at Fed Ex office making copies for your case.

  40. Everyone at the Fed Ex office down the street learning your name.

  41. Packing boxes shoved into your closet because you can’t bear to unpack the contents.

  42. Bingeing on microwave popcorn.

  43. Needing chocolate. Often.

  44. Stealing those $2 school fundraising candy bars from your child’s room while she sleeps.

  45. Having to give your child $60 for all the chocolate you ate.

  46. Sleeping alone.

  47. A Queen sized bed seems huge. You pile pillows down one side to feel like a body sleeping next to you.

  48. Learning to enjoy sleeping alone in that huge bed. (Yes, you’ll learn a lot during your divorce. Here are some pretty amazing ways you can learn to be happy during your divorce.) 

  49. Hyperventilating.

How many of these crazy things have you done during your divorce? Did you do any of the ones I listed above?

Dish it baby!


  1. Deb says

    This list is great. I have done so many of them it made me laugh. Almost 4 years after we separated, we finally had a contested divorce trial – over 2 months ago. No resolution yet. The never ending divorce, it’s been a nightmare. My kids are young adults, but that doesn’t make it any easier on them. I’m glad I found this website!

    • Irma says

      4 years? The agony. 🙁 im going thru separation. Just waiting for the letter from court making me go crazy already. And my kids are only 2,4 & 6 years old.

      • says

        The waiting is so tough, it takes so long. Hang in there, you WILL eventually be done. Stay strong for your kids. Sending virtual hugs to you. You’ve got this! Stay strong.

        • Jodi says

          Glad I’m not alone. I’ve done at least half of the things on this list. It’s been 2 1/2 years, many days in court and mediation … finally almost at the point where we can have our separation agreement written up and actually get divorced.

    • Steph says

      my parents are recently separated and I have seen my mom do some of these things. I agree, just because your old enough to know what is going on doesn’t make it any easier at all. When your a child they keep everything from you and make things seem normal. When your an adult there is no holding back. I understand my parents do need someone to talk to though. Just a tough situation for sure.

      • says

        Parents and people do some strange thing in divorce, no doubt, we don’t mean to but it just happens. So glad you understand this and see it clearly.

  2. Crey says

    Leaving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp cause everybody seems so happy and you’re not. lol.

    I’m back now… Hahaha

  3. says

    Just when I thought I’d never laugh or feel connected with anyone again….thank you so much…(and I’ve done 27/34 so many times I can’t count;)

  4. Anonymous says

    75% of these things ring true for me. So sad so so sad. 2 years later now I will be ok !! No regrets is the motto you have to adopt.

    Anyone want to date me NOW???


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