10 Itty Bitty, Little Things That Put Me Over The Edge.

I know, I know, these annoying little things that happen shouldn’t affect me. But these stupid things just put me over the edge. 

10 itty bitty little things that put me over the edge

I’ve been reading the Malcolm Gladwell book, The Tipping Point (yes, I know about a decade or two later than everyone else, but whatever.) This book dissects how major shifts in society often start with one tiny event that tips the scale and alters the course of events. I can totally relate on a personal level. My day can be going along all nice and pleasant and then one tiny, itty bitty, inconsequential thing happens and everything shifts in my day. BOOM. From sunshine to shitty.

These annoying little events are like sand in your swimsuit. Not life threatening but they still rub you the wrong way. (Kinda like all the strange places you end up gaining weight once you hit 40.)

So, here are some things that can totally tip me over the edge.

  1. Realizing that I’m out of all my favorite underwear. The only choices left are those really uncomfortable ones from the back of my underwear drawer.
  2. My dog pooping on the bedroom rug in the middle of the night. Not seeing the poop and stepping right into it the next morning.
  3. Trying to find a parking place at Trader Joe’s.
  4. A friend posting a photo on Facebook. It’s great of her, but I look like I don’t have a neck.
  5. Realizing my computer isn’t charging because my cats have chewed through yet another MacBook Pro power chord. (At $80 each.)
  6. Making coffee only to realize that I have no almond milk to put in it.
  7. Trying to make a left turn in Los Angeles during rush hour traffic.
  8. Eating a small package of snack mix, THEN reading the label and realizing I just ate the caloric equivalent of a large plate of french fries.  
  9. Opening the clothes dryer, and finding a load of moldy, wet towels from last week because I forgot to turn on the dryer. 
  10. Calling AT&T to discuss my cell bill and trying in vain to speak to an actual living breathing person. Then after all that frustration, they ask me to take a survey and rate my experience. Really?!

10 Itty Bitty Things That Put Me Over The Edge.

I know, none of these things should have the power to ruin my day. But they’re  just enough of an annoyance to be a speed bump on the road to a great day.

I’m still going to try to keep these annoying little moments from sucking the joy out of my day. Even on those days when I do step in dog poop.


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    You saved the most frustrating until last. Being kept on hold for an age and then being asked to rate your experience sounds absolutely infuriating.

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    These are all horrible. For me it is not switching the laundry from washer to dryer that causes the moldy smell. You got one step further. So that is a win!

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    Don’t get me started on AT & T!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully I gave up on wearing women’s underwear in my 20s, but I can relate to most of this. You have your LA traffic, I have to deal with KENTUCKIANS!

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    Heehee , thank you for a brilliant ‘quicky ‘ , really made me giggle . I am sooooo happy , I haven’t stepped into dog poo for long anymore 🙂 and when I did many many months ago , it wasn’t even the dog’s fault . He’s got IBS ( bowel issues) , now with the right food on prescription he is the best doggy ever 🙂 I really enjoyed this post , and don’t you as well experience ..the older we get , the more of these little titty shitties do our head in ??? Must be a girl’s thing 🙂 I am sharing if that’s okay with you 😉

    • says

      I would LOVE it if you shared! And “little titty shitties!” Love that phrase, yes the older we get I think the more these little idiotic things stick in our head and make us get crabby! thanks for the love and stopping by! 🙂


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